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Buffo is a gentle giant weighing in at over 200 pounds with biceps bigger than most men’s thighs. He is a master juggler and juggles various items, including hatchets, meat cleavers, fire, and chain saws (as long as they are not turned on). From balancing extension ladders and children sitting on chairs on his face or ripping telephone books in half, you will be very entertained. He walks on broken glass and machetes in bare feet and will lay on a bed of nails buried under a stack of cement blocks.
Buffo in action

Who is Buffo?

Buffo is an ex-professional baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros, and Chicago White Sox), marathon runner and school teacher for deaf and blind students. He turned to power lifting, body building, and being a clown. His body adds a new dimension to clowning. From county fairs to corporate events, Buffo will thrill your audience. He has been clowning around since 1980, can do his shows in sign language and offers school assembly programs. Buffo has made appearances at the White House and Ringling Brothers Circus.
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